Since Bat Sheva Dates are Mial Impex's leading product, they receive special love and care. The planters watch carefully as the clusters of fruit grow on the branches, from the first stage of pollination, until the dates are picked.

Only the most impressive clusters of the highest quality will find their way to Mial's modern packinghouse in "Timora", where produce is packed from the field, ensuring the highest standards of quality and freshness, as set by the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standards.

In the packinghouse the produce is being sorted and each date is being weighted separately by precise weighting machine that was developed exactly for the dates complex sorting process.

Furthermore, the dates are placed in innovative packing for conservation of freshness, designed and fashioned for client convenience.

Afterward, the produce is being packed in a variety of packing according to the client demands, and stored or shipped in Deep-freeze temperatures in order to maintain the highest standard of quality and freshness.