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Mial Impex (1986) Ltd. conducts its international import-export business, using for the dates branch the brand name "Bat Sheva Dates".

Mial Impex Ltd. Exports two kinds of dates, the Medjoul date, also known as "The King of Dates", and the Deglet Nour date, known as "The Sun Date".

The brand name "Bat Sheva Dates" is gradually becoming
a known name in the European and Mediterranean markets and has had great success in the regions where it is marketed as Mail Impex's leading product.

The "Medjoul Dates" and the "Deglet Nour Dates" are the choicest of the nine varieties cultivated in Israel. They have two principal habitats; the most ancient is a natural oasis in the Israeli Arava, south of the Dead Sea, which provides the dates with the optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. These contribute to their size, their excellent taste and their royal color.

The second habitat is on the banks of the Jordan River, in eastern Israel, along the border of peace between Israel and Jordan. This region is endowed with an optimal climate and with large quantities of water from the nearby Jordan River.
The Bat Sheva dates have an ancient theological background. The earliest reference can be found in the Bible, when the children of Israel left Egypt: "Then they came to Elim where there were twelve springs of water and seventy date palms" (Exodus 15, 27).

Centuries later, the Holy Land dates played a significant part in the welcome reception organized by Jesus' followers when He entered Jerusalem. The path beneath Jesus' feet was laid out with palm branches and Jesus feasted on palm dates. This is the reason Christians celebrate Palm Sunday on the week before Easter.
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